Сustomer is part of the team: work philosophy at ABNK Premium Systems

The work of the IT company ABNK Premium Systems, which recently became a member of the Kharkiv IT Cluster, is based on this principle. Over 50 experienced specialists from ABNK have been developing SportsTech, Legal, Agriculture, and Healthcare in IT and creating excellent solutions for clients since 2018.

Our main thesis is that we do not work FOR the customer, but TOGETHER with them

What habits help the company to work successfully with any clients and what has changed at ABNK Premium Systems since the full-scale invasion?
Keep reading to find answers to these and other questions.

What does the ABNK Premium Systems team create?

ABNK Premium Systems develops software solutions in several industries, demonstrating successful results, and has recurring clients satisfied with the work of the team.

Agricultural Sector. The company is focused on creating customized digital solutions for agribusiness and start-ups in the field. ABNK Premium Systems assists in data collection and analysis, develops forecasts based on ML technologies (Machine Learning), and establishes connections between Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The company creates complex technologies in a simple and understandable way, adapting software to each process so that agricultural workers can perform their work more efficiently.

Sports and fantasy sports. In the sports industry, the company has unparalleled expertise, ranging from mechanisms for predicting winning lineups for DraftKings/FanDuel to a custom sports promotion game for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and DFS software for prediction-based competitions.

ABNK Premium Systems’ expertise also covers the medical, technical, and financial sectors. The team creates software that simplifies and optimizes the activities of customers in these areas.

The team develops solutions mainly for foreign customers, which demonstrates the professionalism of the Ukrainian IT industry in practice. It is important in the current conditions when Ukraine needs to show itself to the world. And ABNK Premium Systems seaks volumes!

Team Philosophy

ABNK Premium Systems values transparency. For their team, the client is another player in the field of product development.

We always complete our projects on time and work very closely with our clients. Our main thesis is that we do not work FOR the client, but WITH the client. Every one of our clients becomes a part of the team, participates in meetings and stand-ups

Alina, CTO.

Thanks to such a strategy, there are no surprises at the end of the project. The client oversees the process of production of their idea as if in the palm of his hand — and this has a positive effect on the result.

War as a challenge to the company’s stability

Since that terrible February, the ABNK team has expanded its geography: today the company’s employees are located all over the world. However, the spirit of unity has not disappeared, on the contrary, it has strengthened and continues to grow.

ABNK still warmly welcomes new creators to its ranks, who strengthen the expertise of the company. ABNK Premium Systems supports its employees, and creates comfortable conditions for remote work, while the team has temporarily paused the work from their Kharkiv office.

Today, ABNK Premium Systems is a powerful player on the market. Even despite the difficult conditions, the team was able to recover and stabilize in the first weeks of the war - and this speaks of unity and inexhaustible strength!

At the beginning of the military invasion, the company’s office in Kharkiv served as a hub for the collection, distribution, and storage of food, household items, and warm clothing for those who needed it.

ABNK Premium Systems also aided with evacuation: since last February, the company has accommodated more than 30,000 people in new places.

Some of the company’s employees stayed in Kharkiv and successfully balance work and volunteering — they help the elderly, buy medicine, food, and provide support in everyday life.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is glad to welcome ABNK Premium Systems to the circle of similar IT titans who were able to not only withstand the pressure of conditions, but also to grow, blossom in the IT field, and expand their expert power. Together, the community will be able to overcome all difficulties, and we, as Kharkiv IT Cluster, will tell the world about it. After all, you deserve it!

*The article was originally created by Kharkiv IT Cluster for its social media.