Software Development for Agriculture

Throughout farming history, we witnessed how agricultural technology amazingly evolved from human-driven to motor-driven, to finally data-driven.

Today’s advancements in agritech heralded a new era of smart farming, enabling modern agribusinesses to get the yields of tomorrow in inclement conditions of constant climate change and limited resources.

Agriculture software development innovations with all their real-time field monitoring, artificial intelligence, data analytics, the Internet of Things, and robotics changed the industry standards irrevocably. The use of agritech software development solutions helps farms increase yields, optimize natural resources’ usage, lower costs, automate farming operations, and make smarter data-driven decisions.

These benefits, however, apply only to custom agriculture software development products that were tailor-made to meet particular farming needs. Off-the-shelf agricultural apps, which are in abundance on the market, due to their generic functionality, usually fall short to cater to every agribusiness’ individual challenges becoming a wasted investment.

At ABNK Premium Systems, we believe that only personalized user experience and functionality can help build sustainable, resilient agricultural businesses. That is why we specialize in bespoke agriculture app development aimed to address the core of every agribusiness.

AgriTech software development services

Today, the agricultural industry develops under a constant strain of the global food crisis, shortage of natural resources, and now the COVID-19 fallout. It forces agricultural businesses to seek cutting-edge digital solutions able to optimize their daily farming operations, maximize production, and break the tension on their path to sustainability and responsible land use.

At ABNK, we understand these challenges and know how data-powered technologies can help farmers mitigate the risks by making smarter decisions in their everyday operations.

We are an agriculture software company with eight years of experience in developing bespoke user-centered digital solutions for agribusinesses as well as startups. Our objective is to make complicated innovations like data collection and analysis, ML-powered predictions, and remote IoT-based sensing easy to use and fully customized to meet every farmer’s individual needs.

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Grow your business with the best software solutions
In our extensive agriculture software development practice, we believe that only personalized user experience can be translated into valuable, actionable insights with a real competitive edge. That is why we diligently work on market as well as every client’s business goals analysis to create unique, user-driven technology ecosystems that help them get higher yields with lower inputs
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Types of AgTech software development services we provide:

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    Farm management software solutions for agriculture
    Managing a farm involves making countless decisions every day that directly impact the fieldwork quality, administrative costs, production, and eventually, profits. We create custom farm management apps that help farms streamline their everyday operations, improve collaboration between field workers, and facilitate data-driven planning.
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    Precision agriculture software solutions
    Farming is naturally associated with risks as crops are exposed to many factors that can endanger yields. Cutting-edge precision software helps make planting and crops maintenance more precise and less risky by using real-time data from field drones, sensors on crop health, detected threats, weather, soil conditions, etc.
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    Monitoring & prediction systems for agriculture
    Our AI/ML-powered rural software development products use drone and sensor-generated data to help farmers monitor their crop conditions remotely in real-time. Collected raw data is stored and processed by AI & ML algorithms to build predictions on the possible waste, production volumes, profits, helping farmers make informed production decisions.
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    Data analytics & Solutions for remote assistance
    For any agricultural company, data analytics is a critical part of the development and improvement of its business operations. Our data analytics tools will boost your decision-making, help identify opportunities for new growth, analyze and track harvest fluctuations. It will provide you with real-time insights into budgeting, yields, storage, and supplies.

What helps ABNK create excellent AgriTech software?

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    8 Years of
    Our team boasts prominent tech expertise in agriculture software development state-of-the-art. Our knowledge of the industry’s main pain points and passion for excellent usability make our agriculture software development company a trusted partner for leading agritech businesses all around the world.
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    5 Successful AgriTech projects
    Our extensive expertise in AI, IoT, and data analytics as well as an integral client-driven approach to agriculture app development helped us create tailor-made solutions that propelled our clients’ agribusinesses to new heights.
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    development team
    Our agriculture app development team constantly upgrades its tech expertise to stay ahead of the curve in the latest developments in ML, robotics, blockchain, data analytics, UX/UI design. We create game-changing digital agricultural solutions with top-notch usability, never settling for anything less.
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    Full-cycle engineering and support
    We provide continuous support on all stages of the agritech software development life-cycle — from the discovery phase, all through design, development, QA, testing, and post-production. Our goal is to ensure that the end product is true to your ultimate business goals, timelines, as well as budget.
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FAQ about software development for agriculture

  • Why is custom software better than a ready-made solution for the agriculture industry?

    The app market is crowded with off-the-shelf agriculture software development products that come with a set of predetermined features. There is a very limited number of agribusinesses (if any at all) that will benefit from such a generic functionality. These solutions are cheaper, faster, and easier to get (as compared to buying bespoke software services) but they cannot be customized to fit your unique business goals and user needs.

    Custom agriculture software development solutions are devised to get to the crux of your individual business goals. Our development team carefully studies the requirements and expectations of every client to tailor-make an ideal blend of cutting-edge functionality with an unbeatable user experience.

  • Who needs a custom AgriTech software solution in the rural sector?

    Custom rural software development services are beneficial for all kinds of modern agribusinesses who want to get a competitive edge in the industry:

    • Farm owners who seek optimization of their everyday operations and data-driven insights for improving yields alongside profits;
    • B2b agritech companies looking for unparalleled tech expertise to create top-quality custom Agtech software development solutions on a budget;
    • Agritech startups with groundbreaking ideas, seeking a dedicated tech team to improve their MVPs or create custom software from scratch.
  • How much does custom agriculture software cost?

    Contrary to a common stereotype, custom agriculture software development won’t cost your agribusiness an arm and a leg. In reality, it is a high-return investment that helps you save because you get a reliable, highly targeted solution that helps optimize your business while boosting your profits.

    Our main agritech software development objective is to create solutions that will be the best fit for our client’s needs and money. We analyze your priorities, discuss the desired set of features, budget in advance to ensure you pay for only what is key to your business alongside your end-users.

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