Custom software development services

The right software can propel your business to unbelievable heights, but where do you get one? As an option, you can buy one of the available commercial ready-made solutions and then hire a development crew to adjust it to your infrastructure. Because no off-the-shelf software was actually created with your unique business requirements in mind. However, this method doesn’t guarantee smooth integration and compliance with your business environment and cost-efficiency in the long run.

Or you can play safe and from the get-go build bespoke software that can effectively and comprehensively support your processes, deliver an outstanding personalized experience, and grow with your business. Not to mention that, as its owner, you can license it and sell it as your own branded product to other companies and make a profit.

ABNK is a custom software development company that believes in every business’ prerogative to step out of the box of standardized solutions and play its own game. That is why we use our prominent tech vision and advanced stack to create scalable tailored software solutions that leave our clients’ business processes optimized, customers thrilled, and competition struggling to keep up.

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Tailored software
solutions we offer

Our 8-year frontend and backend excellence enables us to build custom software development solutions in the areas which we believe are the front line of personalized digital experience:
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    Mobile development
    Mobile apps are the hottest way to engage with your customers. Give us an idea, and we will design and build a robust application, whatever the industry and functionality, and handle all the required updates and scale-ups as your business grows
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    Web development
    There are tons of ways to create a website, but there’s only one way to create a digital experience that brings real value to your business. It is custom web development. We create mobile-friendly, interactive, and professionally designed websites that help you build a reputation as an innovative, reliable, and customer-focused business.
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    Desktop development
    With our proven expertise in all things desktop, we can tailor-make all kinds of digital solutions from cross-platform apps and drivers to browser plugins and extensions to help your business streamline its processes and deliver a premium user experience.
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    Xbox development
    Game apps are a perfect brand immersion tool that can both amuse and educate. We pride ourselves in building custom gamification, VR/AR solutions, and gaming apps for Xbox that make interaction with your brand irresistible.

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Benefits of making
custom software with ABNK

  • Deep analysis

    Our goal is to create nothing but value for a suitable price. That is why we start every custom software development project by analyzing the market trends and your business requirements to find a solution with the best benefit-cost ratio.

  • Expertise

    Our motivated and multitalented team of developers, engineers, designers, and marketers has a prominent technology stack to fulfill your wildest development ideas. Whatever is in your mind — be it the Internet of Things, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, or computer vision — our team has you covered

  • Customer-oriented approach

    As a custom software development company, we build software to our customer’s specifications, and to us, it’s not just a pun. We really put our customers’ needs at the heart of every project because we strive to create customized, user-friendly digital experiences that make an impact.

  • Constant feedback

    We profess transparency on all stages of bespoke software development and thus communicate all possible issues upfront to ensure we are on the same page throughout the project.

  • High level of confidentiality and data protection

    As you let us into your holy of holies, our software development company commits to protecting your sensitive business information as if it was our own. We have all the latest data security technologies in place, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound with us.

  • Completing tasks on time

    Our streamlined development process, hardworking, and solid tech background across different industries enable us to overdeliver in due time and ruin a stereotype about custom software development solutions taking a long time to build.

The process of
custom software
development creation

In our bespoke software development company, we live and breathe user-centred software designed to get to the core of your business needs. Here is the process we stick to in creating excellent experiences:
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    You bring us an idea of how your business processes or customer engagement can be optimized and together we crystallize it in a form of custom-made software and run feasibility tests.
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    Deep research
    We thoroughly explore market trends and user demands to define the technology stack and functionality required to create custom software development solutions of significant value.
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    Business analysis
    Our team communicates with all project participants to collect and analyze business requirements, expectations, and associated risks, as well as define the timeframes and budget scopes.
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    UI/UX design
    We work on custom software design that unleashes your brand individuality and generates a one-of-a-kind user experience through an intuitive, easy-to-use, and beautiful interface.
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    Our skilled software engineering team builds a customized MVP according to the predefined scope while applying accurate intermediate testing and keeping you updated on the process.
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    We finalize the product, fine-tuning its every feature and preparing it for internal use and thorough testing. You get all the technical support and training required for your bespoke software trial.
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    Testing and QA
    We run detailed testing involving both inside and outside users to spot bugs and components requiring improvement and optimization. Custom software development services mean that we guarantee to make changes until you get an impeccable product and 100% satisfaction.
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    We provide all required marketing and technical support for your custom software release that includes mapping out a winning market positioning strategy, monitoring after-release performance, and fixing possible issues.
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    Maintenance and support
    Custom software development services imply comprehensive around-the-clock after-release support which may include everything from updates and scale-ups to feedback management to ensure your custom-made software fulfills its potential.

FAQ about custom software development

  • Why is custom software better than a ready-made solution?

    Unlike commercial, ready-made solutions built to meet a wide range of requirements and address general needs, custom software development solutions are engineered to cater to the very concrete needs of a business and its users.

    For example, it can be a custom software engineering product for an agricultural company that wishes to use AI, ML, and computer vision technologies for effective field and cattle management.

    Building your own bespoke product with the help of a custom software company, you have unlimited control over software functionality. You can easily integrate it with your other software systems, add new features, evolve it endlessly, or even sell it under your own brand. The sky is the limit.

  • Who needs a custom software solution?

    To build or to buy? Despite the obvious benefits of building custom software development solutions, for some businesses, they can become expensive overkill. However, there are certain situations when bespoke software becomes the best option:

    • You have a groundbreaking idea of an app with cool features you want to own and hit the market with.
    • There is no ready-made solution available to support your business processes and satisfy the demands of your users.
    • You plan to scale up your product and want to save in the long term.
  • How much does custom software development cost?

    The price for custom software development solutions depends on many factors such as size, complexity, the number of users, etc. The benefit of building software with the help of a custom software development agency is that you pay only for the functionality your business really needs, as opposed to buying a ready-made solution, which is usually a package of features you cannot choose from.

    We approach every development project with the utmost transparency and honesty, introducing solutions that deliver the best value for the client’s money. Please, contact our development team to get an estimate of what is going to be your tailored digital experience!

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Lifesong Farms

Streamlined Agricultural Operations with a Custom Solution Our Client operates an agricultural business across 2 countries, Ukraine and Zambia. They manage 3 separate farm locations and employ hundreds of staff to manage extensive operations. Their challenge was to modernize and streamline their processes and save resources in the long run.

  • Node.Js
  • Laravel
  • React.js
  • ReactNative
  • FireBase

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Tool

“Connection with protection. Ensuring secure conversations between doctors and patients.” Our client, a healthcare organization, is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technological innovations into patient care to elevate health outcomes. Acknowledging the increasing demand for digital communication platforms in healthcare, they aspired to construct a secure and efficient messaging application that bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients, all while prioritizing confidentiality and connection.

  • Node.js & RESTful API
  • PostgreSQL
  • Swift & UIKit
  • APNS