HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Tool

“Connection with protection. Ensuring secure conversations between doctors and patients.”

Our client, a healthcare organization, is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technological innovations into patient care to elevate health outcomes. Acknowledging the increasing demand for digital communication platforms in healthcare, they aspired to construct a secure and efficient messaging application that bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients, all while prioritizing confidentiality and connection.


Secure Digital Health Communications

In today’s digitally accelerated environment, patient-doctor interactions have transcended the traditional boundaries of clinics and hospitals. The pivotal challenge lies in fortifying these digital exchanges with strict security protocols to protect sensitive patient information. Our client aimed to provide a messaging tool for both private and group chats, allowing for discussions on diverse health topics, all while ensuring the highest levels of encryption and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The solution had to be versatile, catering to both web users and iOS mobile application users. Given the nature of the sensitive health data being shared, security was not just a feature but an indispensable requirement. The digital tool’s overarching challenge was to seamlessly integrate security, functionality, and user accessibility.

  • 14Month-long project
  • 100%HIPAA compliance
  • 8People on the team
  • 18%Increase in patient consultations

Crafting a Safe Digital Health Network

For the backend architecture, we chose Node.js augmented by a RESTful API, which enables efficient data interchange but also ensures a scalable, high-performance environment for secure transactions. This robust combination provided us with an advanced backend infrastructure, optimized for low-latency responses and capable of handling a high volume of secure, concurrent transactions. 

We chose PostgreSQL for database management because of its proven record in maintaining high data integrity and security, aligning perfectly with projects that demand HIPAA compliance.

We utilized Swift in conjunction with UIKit to craft a highly interactive and engaging user interface specific to the iOS application. This technology stack facilitated rapid development and a consistent user experience across platforms. The addition of Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) ensured timely notifications, enhancing user engagement.

Why this tech stack?

  • Node.js & RESTful API: Provides a secure and scalable backend environment.
  • PostgreSQL: Known for high data integrity, ideal for projects necessitating robust data protection.
  • Swift & UIKit: Optimizes the user experience, ensuring a responsive, efficient, and user-friendly iOS application.
  • APNS: Ensures real-time notification delivery, augmenting user interaction.

Platform Features

  • Private & Group Chats: Enables individualized consultations and multi-participant discussions.
  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE): Leveraging CommonCrypto utilities, every message sent and received is encrypted, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A sophisticated yet intuitive design, employing UIKit, makes sure that users of varying technological expertise can navigate with ease.
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and OAuth 2.0: Offers an additional layer of security and secure user authentication.
  • AWS Infrastructure and Amazon S3 with Server-Side Encryption (SSE): Ensures secure and efficient storage of files, images, and more.

Empowering Secure Digital Health Conversations

Through reliable communication with the client, a well-structured workflow, and clear requirements, our team was able to deliver a quality solution that met our client’s expectations and was well-received by the users. 

Within months of its launch, the application has been overwhelmingly endorsed by both healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors appreciate the ease with which they can communicate, and patients feel more connected and secure, knowing their confidential health data is protected with SSL/TLS encryption protocols.

Now the platform paves the way for modern patient-doctor communication and sets a benchmark in merging technology with healthcare, ensuring that the personal touch in healthcare is not lost in the digital age. Our collaboration with the client has helped reshape the digital healthcare landscape for their company while adhering to a set budget.

This project was unique for us in working with the certified specialist to help ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

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