Lifesong Farms

Streamlined Agricultural Operations with a Custom Solution

Our Client operates an agricultural business across 2 countries, Ukraine and Zambia. They manage 3 separate farm locations and employ hundreds of staff to manage extensive operations. Their challenge was to modernize and streamline their processes and save resources in the long run.


The client faced challenges due to outdated record-keeping and disjointed reporting, leading to time-consuming and error-prone processes that impacted efficiency:

  • Harvest Collection: Relied on paper and manual spreadsheet entry.
  • Information Transfer: Dependent on verbal communication and messaging.
  • Departmental Silos: Separate spreadsheets for accounting, harvest collection, logistics, inventory, and human resource management.
  • Report Generation: Required manual compilation, consuming administrative time.

The main objective was to transform workflows through automation and simplification, aiming to boost efficiency and cut down on repetitive tasks. The solution was designed to integrate fieldwork with management and accounting, ensuring real-time oversight and thorough task and logistical management.

  • 80%Reduction in Reporting Time
  • 3Farms Managed
  • 50%Faster Harvest Registration
  • 15%Increase in Overall Efficiency

Our approach was to develop a dual-platform solution—a web app complemented by a mobile app—tailored to agricultural operations.

The project was refined over three years through client feedback and field testing. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Covering all farm operations, including accounting, employee management, logistics, and order management.
  • Offline Capabilities: Allowing use in the field with data syncing when the internet is restored.
  • QR Code Integration: Simplifying harvest collection and worker performance tracking.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with field workers’ input, focusing on ease of use and practicality.

The solution includes modules for accounting, harvest management, produce orders and logistics, inventory, and report generation, with unique access levels for various roles. It underwent field tests and improvements based on real worker feedback to ensure its user-friendliness and comprehensive role-specific functions.


The implementation of our custom tech solution has streamlined operations for the client:

  • Enhanced Harvest Collection Efficiency: QR codes and real-time data entry have significantly reduced time and errors in harvest collection.
  • Automated Reporting: Administrators now benefit from time-saving features, generating comprehensive reports with a few clicks.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Real-time data availability allows management to monitor daily activities, analyze trends, and make well-informed decisions.

Our ongoing support and continuous feature updates ensure that the app adapts and grows alongside the client’s dynamic and evolving needs.

The success story of the Lifesong Farms app is an example of the transformative power of bespoke digital solutions in agriculture. It highlights our commitment to delivering tailored, field-tested technology that addresses the unique challenges of our clients.

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