Custom sports software development

The sports industry is developing at an accelerated pace. In order to be competitive, a business must strengthen its online presence.

Do you know what makes sports so personal for all people on our planet? It is the technology that makes us a part of this exciting world.

As of today, sports apps are the hottest way sports can be played, watched, managed, and enjoyed. From fitness clubs to sports betting and fantasy sports, thousands of sports businesses moved online using sports apps as ultimate monetization and fan engagement engines.

The sports app market is oversaturated, so if you want to knock out your competition, it is not enough just to copy-paste someone’s success. Sports app users get pickier and more demanding to the quality of engagement. To be in the lead, you need to offer a very special and fully personalized user experience only bespoke sports software is capable of.

At ABNK, we believe that every audience is unique. That is why we create custom sports software solutions that get to the crux of our business clients’ needs.

SportsTech software development services

We are a passionate IT crew with over 8 years of experience in custom sports software development and delivering sophisticated digital solutions for sports businesses of all sizes. We take pride in our solid frontend and backend expertise
and a true passion for sports that help us bring user engagement to a new level.

We are here ready to help because you need custom software for sport that:

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Be the Champion with the best software solutions
  1. Caters to your
    audience’s needs

    We carefully listen to your wishes and ideas to come up with unique features that your users will enjoy.
  2. Relies on cutting-edge
    AI technologies

    We use machine learning highlights and state-of-the-art stats for accurate projection and analysis.
  3. Offers a fantastic interactive

    A hot, gamified, AR/VR-driven sports app your end-user is crazy about is how we understand sports software development.
  4. Amazes with functionality
    and design

    We create beautifully designed, fully customizable, and scalable products, offering a seamless user experience.
  5. Lets you avoid
    legislation hassles

    Our gaming systems support all types of cryptocurrency to help you build your sports gaming business without a headache.
  6. Performs like
    nothing else

    We specialize in custom sports software development. If you are looking for an imitation of existing apps, you’re in the wrong place.
Sports software development is a sensitive task since you need to combine your innovative ideas, fan engagement, and compliance with your industry regulations all in one unique product. That is why it is crucial to partner with an experienced sports software development team that values your uniqueness and has the required technology stack down cold.
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Types of sports software development services we provide:

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    Fantasy sports software development
    Jump into a billion-dollar-worth fantasy sports industry with your own app. Our fantasy sports software development company builds fully customizable and interactive fantasy sports systems. You choose your sport, drafting model, payment processor (and literally everything) to run your own daily or season-long competitions and monetize them! Your app, your rules!
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    Sports betting software development
    The biggest challenge of sports betting software development is to balance user interactivity with high cybersecurity standards. ABNK creates secure sports betting products with zero risk of a privacy breach or data leak, which lets your users keep their investments safe and capitalize on our advanced analytics and automatically updated stats.
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    White-label Solutions
    Dream about launching your own branded sports app, but don’t want to mess with development? Take our white-label (unbranded) sports software solution and brand it as your own! We deliver 100% customizable high-end sports software products that let you jumpstart your new sports business in the shortest possible time.
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    Sports data tools
    Tracking sports events requires using reliable software for collecting, validating, processing, and storing complex sports data in real-time. We use machine learning technologies to create comprehensive and user-friendly data instruments for sportscasters and coaches, empowering them to turn live updates and real-time stats into valuable insights.
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    Projections and analytics
    Modern sports go hand in hand with big data. Learning from previous statistics helps improve future performances in both real-life and fantasy sports. Our ML-driven custom software for sports gives you a competitive edge by enabling you to forecast possible game or season outcomes based on players’ previous in-game performances.
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    Sports-based games
    We are obsessed with creating sticky gameplay experiences in all things sports. So if you’ve got a crazy game/simulator idea that is based on real sports and stats (such as, for example, betting, fantasy sports competitions, sports management/tycoon games, social gaming, etc.), give it to geeks like us and get ready to play!

What helps ABNK create excellent Sports software?

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    8 Years of
    We’re an old hand in custom sports software development and young enough to understand today’s sports app user needs and maintain a steep learning curve in state-of-the-art development.
  • 11 Successful
    sports projects
    Don’t trust our words. Trust our real cases. We are pros in everything — from engines for predicting winning lineups for DraftKings/FanDuel to the custom sports-based World Cup 2018 promotional game and DFS software for prediction-based contests…
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    development team
    We pride ourselves on our coding mastery and Sports software development expertise. Our clients praise us for delivering bespoke solutions that help them remain ahead of the curve in the sports business.
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    Full-cycle engineering
    and support
    We provide uninterrupted custom Sports software development services staying tuned with your ultimate business goals during the whole development process — from ideation to the ready product and even post-release.
We don’t just sell lines of code. We sell responsible and unique Sports software solutions that stay true to your expectations, deadlines, and budget. ABNK Team

FAQ about Sports software development

  • Why is custom software better than off-the-shelf software for the Sports industry?

    Off-the-shelf software is a massively-produced, ready-made, generic solution created to meet the needs of a wide range of sports businesses simultaneously. It is cheaper, easy to access and install, but non-customizable and hardly relevant to your user’s specific needs.

    On the other hand, custom software for Sports is tailored-cut with your unique business needs in mind as our team faithfully follows your expectations at every iteration stage to create flexible, cost-efficient, and UX-driven sports software.

  • Who needs a custom Fantasy Sports software solution?

    Our answer is every fantasy sports business that strives to bootstrap itself to the top. The fantasy sports industry covers over 13 sports, each having unique standards, competition rules, and features. Whatever sports you choose, a custom fantasy sports software development product enables you to personalize your users’ experience by giving them better flexibility in team drafting options, using analytics/projections tools, etc.

  • How much does custom Sports software cost?

    ABNK partners with sports organizations and businesses of all sizes and budgets. We pride ourselves on being able to always find a win-win, cost-efficient solution that gives both sides the best value. We are always honest with our clients in suggesting possible customization options, letting them choose and pay only for what really matters for their business and end-users.

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