Custom EdTech Software Development

At ABNK we build custom online learning software to help educational enterprises like yours cater to the needs of educators and students and deliver unparalleled learning experiences across demographics and geographies.

Modern advancements in software development empower SaaS education technology companies to solve issues and break barriers in education. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable teaching software to check and grade student answers automatically, without human assistance. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies remove the bias against online education through seamless interaction enabled by smart devices.

The success of e-learning businesses now hinges on delivering a stellar user experience. To stand out, bespoke user-centric software is crucial for creating any online teaching/learning product, from brain development apps to online language courses. If you want to make a splash in the EdTech world, a generic approach won’t cut it. Choosing a company that understands the user and delivers tailored solutions is the best way to ensure your EdTech venture stays ahead of the competition in the industry.

ABNK approach

EdTech software development services

Being perpetual students ourselves, we understand the pains of e-learning and we clearly see how to address them with experience-focused, custom education software solutions.

Though the opportunities for user engagement in EdTech are thrilling, the bar is very high. To enter the evergreen EdTech market, we recommend your product provides:

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Develop your business with the best EdTech solutions
  1. Uncompromised interaction
    through IoT technologies, video, and text chats that replicate the classroom experience.
  2. Individual learning pace
    An ML-driven system that learns from student progress, creating a personalized learning journey.
  3. AI-powered automation
    Routine tasks like grading and attendance are controlled by machines to allow teachers and students for deeper-focused, uninterrupted work.
  4. Unbeatable data management and security
    Cloud-based solutions that streamline storage, management, and analytics of educational data.
Types of educational technology are myriads, and the custom software development approach creates countless learning experiences through personalization. Whether you want it to be the next hot educational mobile app for kids, a full-fledged LMS, or a sleek interactive online teaching software sporting AR and VR features, we are here to tailor-make it with unbeatable functionality and premium user experience at heart.

Types of EdTech software development services we provide:

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    Remote Learning systems
    The 2020 pandemic created a powerful momentum for distance learning, and the trend is here to stay. Hit the market with a customizable distance learning product that enables educators to author personalized courses and creates fantastic self-paced student learning experiences through robust interactive functionality.
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    Learning Management systems
    We can help you develop the next big thing in LMS that would show your students the ropes to fully control their progress through scheduling, tracking academic achievements, receiving and uploading assignments, library, discussion tools, and, of course, gamification elements that make learning more fun and satisfactory.
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    Information Management systems
    Administrative busywork has been a bane of education for centuries, but custom information management software brings long-awaited relief through efficient automation of the administrative processes. We create functional, user experience-driven IMS platforms that make tedious tasks like student data management, scheduling, billing, or attendance fully automated, and error-free.
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    Language Learning platforms
    Have a vision of an innovative language-learning hub and looking for a designer with expertise in functionality to bring your vision to life? We have the required tech stack down pat and excel in creating immersive learning experiences that make advancing in new languages as effortless and intuitive as playing a game.
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    Online Tutoring
    Create and monetize your own marketplace of tutors. We develop customizable online teaching software with full-fledged admin functionality that enables educators to market and manage their lessons and enables students to work with expert tutors from the comfort of their homes.

What helps ABNK create excellent EdTech software?

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    8 Years of
    We are a self-motivated, multi-disciplinary development team focused on solving real issues through custom, user-centric, and impactful software for education. Our own learning journey taught us that educational software development solutions must constantly evolve and adapt to meet ever-changing user needs.
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    3 Successful EdTech projects
    A learning management system (LMS) with gamification elements, IoT-based learning software, and an educational app implementing adaptive learning algorithms are our experience background. Our clients value our work for our transparency in the development process, attention to detail, and strong belief in immersive UX.
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    Highly-skilled development team
    We have an expansive programming experience, however, it’s not just coding that makes us a proud tech team behind our successful projects. It is the “eureka!” moment that comes after weeks of ideation, development, and testing iterations when we finally find the formula for excellent user experience.
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    Full-cycle engineering and support
    We deliver a fully functional software product, including user-centric design, development, testing, and tech follow-up. You can rely on us in scale-ups and post-launch maintenance and focus on growing your business while we mind the tech side.
With our expertise in EdTech software development, we strive to bring positive change and empower education with simple, innovative solutions. ABNK Team

FAQs about EdTech software development

  • Why is custom software better than off-the-shelf software for the EdTech industry?

    Ready-made software for education comes with a predefined scope of features and generic functionality designed to cater to the needs of a broad audience. Quite logically, user experience is sacrificed for affordability. Custom educational software development gives you unrestricted control over functionality and creates personalized educational experiences for every user, unleashing uncompromised user engagement and loyalty.

  • Who needs a custom EdTech software solution?

    • Corporations looking to deliver customizable employee training.
    • Educational institutions (schools, universities, etc.) pursuing seamless automation of their administrative functions and uncompromised data security through an efficient IMS.
    • SaaS education providers with ground-breaking ideas for educational software but no in-house development.
    • Educational businesses that outgrew their existing software solutions and strive for more control and flexibility.
  • How much does custom EdTech software cost?

    There is no straightforward answer to this question. It can be twice as expensive as off-the-shelf counterparts or go up to tenfold depending on software complexity. However, we can promise you that our discovery process will leave you with a comprehensive estimate of the project’s cost. Since our company always conducts business with the utmost integrity and is committed to preserving the trust of our clients, it is our ethical choice to refrain from proposing unnecessary services that are not in the best interest of our clients. Custom software development does not mean expensive. It means you pay only for what your educational business needs. If your idea does not require complex custom development, we will offer different ways of making your solution cheaper while covering the key functionality you’re envisioning.

Want an estimate for your project? Get it for free with ABNK. ABNK Team

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