Custom healthcare software development

Healthcare today is all about big, sensitive, and highly-personalized data. Your success in healthcare highly depends on how you handle it.

Today’s smart medical apps are widely used in healthcare to streamline operations, improve health data maintenance, cut down spending, and create wonderful patient experiences. Beyond that, advanced healthcare software development products help facilitate clinical decision-making and overcome bottlenecks in the treatment of severe conditions by leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

From electronic health records (EHR), hospital management/information systems (HMS/HIS), and data analytics to mHealth apps and wearable devices, software development healthcare products let innovative businesses grow their customer bases and profits apace by delivering better, more personalized care.

The healthcare app market has been hot enough during the last decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic had it soar to the sky when, all of a sudden, ultimate accessibility and remote care became paramount. Today is the golden age for healthcare businesses looking to hit the market with an innovative product or those pursuing more rewarding patient engagement.

However, generic, off-the-shelf medical software development products cannot guarantee you any of the above-mentioned benefits as their standardized functionality isn’t able to adjust to your unique business requirements. Neither can it get to the crux of your patients’ needs.

We live in the era of mind-blowing digital experiences. Today’s user wants to be treated like a king, in a one-of-a-kind way. They look for personalized service only custom healthcare software development solutions can provide. If you have nothing to offer, your more innovative competition won’t miss this chance. This is the number one reason why your healthcare business cannot afford to be generic in software today.

Being an old hand at bespoke, user-focused development, we know what makes a fantastic blend of functionality and personalization. We are ready to show you the ropes and offer you patient-centered custom healthcare software development solutions crafted to meet your unique business requirements and attuned to your patients’ individual needs.
ABNK approach

Healthcare software product development

At ABNK, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all software solutions in healthcare. It’s like treating all the diseases with the same medicine. If a healthcare software development product fails to treat medical businesses and their patients the way they need it, why invest in it?

Our objective is to equip medical organizations, healthcare providers, labs, practices, and medical startups with bespoke solutions aimed to make their business operations and patient engagement healthier.

We take pride in creating wholesome functionality and UX elegance that can seamlessly integrate with your existing software environment and become your reliable support in delivering top-notch treatment and diagnostics every day.

As a full-cycle healthcare software development company, we follow an astute development process that lets us create a genuine end-to-end product step by step, staying true to your core business needs at every development stage:

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Develop your business with the best software solutions
  1. Business analysis
    and user research

    aimed to find the most winning functional, data security, analytics, compliance, and tech stack solutions.
  2. UX and UI design
    Elaboration of intuitive and convenient UX and UI design based on your end-user (patient, doctor, nurse, etc.) preferences and prototyping.
  3. Development
    Development of the product in several iterations, from MVP to a ready-to-launch product.
  4. Iterative testing
    (from early hypothesis testing to ready product testing with end-users involved) to ensure flawless software usability, security, and resilience.
  5. Integration
    of the custom medical software development product with your company’s software environment.
  6. Launch
    and further support/maintenance/scale-up to ensure that your custom medical software development product healthily evolves as your business grows.
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Types of healthcare development services we provide:

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    Mobile healthcare and medical apps
    mHealth apps are the hottest way to boost patient engagement. We create bright and robust health apps, native or cross-platform, to help you make patient care prompt and effective through valuable functionality such as appointment scheduling, AI-powered symptom checker, intakes tracker, reminders, doctor chats, etc.
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    Custom Web medical software solutions
    Templated web solutions limit you not only in design but also in website scalability. Instead, we offer you a custom web software package that includes bespoke design and flexible functionality developed from scratch to provide an unbeaten user experience and give you enough room for growth and improvement.
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    Healthcare CRM Software
    CRM software is a must for patient-first medical businesses looking for a more targeted and systematized approach to customer engagement. We build efficient Customer Relationship Management solutions that assist medical businesses in influencing their patients in a more personalized way based on analysis of their medical/behavioural/payment data.
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    Internet of Medical Things
    We create IoT software solutions to help medical organizations provide more efficient patient care and real-time health monitoring through wearable devices. Beyond that, our IoT solutions also enable medical businesses to track their personnel and hospital assets via cloud-connected sensors, which translates into a safer and more productive working environment.
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    Patient and provider portals
    Secure and easy-to-access healthcare information available 24/7 fortified with online advice and billing features is what makes patient/provider web portals a powerful user engagement vehicle. We design and build comprehensive, multifunctional, mobile-friendly web platforms with intuitive interfaces that make medical information exchange a breeze.
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    Health Monitoring & Analytics solutions
    The human brain isn’t capable of processing massive data that goes through a regular medical business effectively. Empower your medical business with ML and AI-driven analytics software that facilitates real-time data collection from patients and helps doctors get valuable treatment insights based on pattern recognition and diagnosis predictions made by a machine.

What helps ABNK create excellent medical software?

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    8 Years of
    Coding apart, we are a mature multidisciplinary development team old enough to grasp what makes a real success in healthcare custom software development. It is a passion for creating immersive user experiences and a genuine desire to impact people’s lives with wholesome software products.
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    9 Successful healthcare projects
    As a custom healthcare software development company, we strive to deliver real value with every product we create. Be it a highly-secure communication portal for doctors and patients, an appointment management software, or an AI-driven sports health tracking device app, we never settle for less than 100% user satisfaction.
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    development team
    We are a self-motivated custom development crew with talents from across all disciplines, which helps us keep each other busy learning and always stay ahead of the innovation curve. Whatever your app idea, we have all the tech stack required (data collection and storage, automated data analysis, machine learning, AI, databases, WebSockets, API) to make it break ground in healthcare.
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    Full-cycle engineering
    and support
    We are a full-cycle healthcare software development company, which means we build end-to-end solutions from scratch to launch and even further. Even upon successful product launch and integration, we never leave you stranded with a new product, but keep training your staff and handling all the necessary maintenance and scaling-up.
As a custom healthcare software development company, we strive to deliver real value with every product we create. ABNK Team

FAQ about healthcare software development

  • Why is custom software better than off-the-shelf software for the healthcare industry?

    Despite ready-made medical software products being cheaper and faster to get, their generic functionality is intended to solve only some standardized issues that can be far from what your business really needs. On the other hand, custom medical software development is aimed to
    cater to the real pains of your medical business and provide a highly-personalized user experience. Custom medical apps are designed with your user’s unique demands in mind to help you save human resources, optimize healthcare processes, leverage data analytics, and deliver more targeted patient care.

  • Who needs a custom medical software solution?

    Bespoke healthcare software product development can benefit all types of medical businesses, be it a manufacturer of medical devices and equipment, a hospital, a practice, a pharmacy, or a rehabilitation centers. However, there are three types of businesses where custom healthcare software development is critical:

    • Established medical businesses looking to grow their customer base and profits through innovations.
    • Healthcare startups with a focus on customer experience.
    • Software companies looking for white-label partnerships with a full-cycle custom development team.
  • How much does custom healthcare software cost?

    Custom software solutions come with a price tag which is quite logical considering the time and expertise required. At the project outset, we elaborate on a winning price-functionality ratio together to ensure that a client gets the best value for their money. On our side, we adhere to using cost-saving technologies and efficient development/testing frames that help us avoid scope creeps and extra spending associated with it. In some situations, custom software helps save costs as compared to off-the-shelf solutions because you pay for development only once and get a full range of support required without having to buy upgrades/subscriptions again and again.

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