Contracting & negotiation tool

“A loyal customer doesn’t consider alternatives. He won’t mind paying a premium for his valued loyalty. A repeat customer will consider options.”
We couldn’t agree with this statement more. We’ve worked with this client in the past and a few years after the initial collaboration we yet again embarked on a new project together.
In short, we were to create a tool that would automize the process of creating and signing contracts for the firm and its clients.


Digitalisation of the contracting process

The priority of the project was to completely digitalize the process of building, negotiating, and signing contracts while decreasing the necessity of meetings in-person to a minimum. The program had to be user-friendly and cover all the steps of the described process. Due to the nature of the industry and the natural process of negotiations, the contract tool had to be highly customizable, while the contracts themselves had to be easily editable and scalable. Different roles with different levels of access were to be created with the respective tool panels.

We made a decision to create a database for storage, as well as quick and easy access to the created deals and contracts for all the parties involved.

  • To create a database for storing contracts and accompanying documents with different levels of access for various groups of users
  • To build a client-server architecture with a lightweight, responsive and touch-friendly frontend and fast and efficient backend
  • Establish a system of smart notifications and text analysis to aid the users with including all the necessary information and avoiding common mistakes
  • 2years-long project
  • 80%of MVP is finished
  • 8people on the team

Multifunctional tool for contracting process

To create the backend elements of the project we used the newest versions of PHP and Laravel. The database was built using MySQL. As a web application, this product gives all its users real-time editing and sharing options which greatly speeds up the process of creating and signing a deal. By using Docker we were able to gradually and seamlessly scale and implement new requirements in an isolated way without disturbing the performance of the existing code.

For new users, we created a special educational tool. It guides you through all the basic functions of the program and proactively advises on your next steps. Moreover, it provides the creators with guidance and support in legal matters.

The frontend part of the project is realized using Vue 2 and Typescript 3. The use of these technologies allowed us to create a user-friendly and responsive product. It is empowered with business tools for drafting, negotiations, and administration of contracts.
The platform allows users to work with a lot of contract types and supplies the whole cycle of contracting, including the negotiation phase via videoconferences and online signing of contracts through the platform.

  • The application allows working with documents using powerful Syncfusion document processing libraries which improves the quality and speed of contract editing

We built a cross-functional team following a mix of agile methodologies and covering all aspects and steps of SDLC.

Key moments

  • Agile methodologies to streamline the development process
  • Peer code review sessions, daily stand-ups, retrospective meetings
  • Weekly sessions with the Product owner
  • Cross-functional team covering all steps of SDLC

The application will allow its users to greatly speed up the processing and closing of deals. With the help of its powerful document editing tools, along with an educational element, any person using this app will be able to draft a high-quality contract following national standards. The multifunctional interface makes the process of drafting and signing seamless and easy. All the contracts created using this platform follow all legal regulations and requirements, making it an irreplaceable tool for the users of the company.
Yet again, together with our client, we managed to create a product that simplifies and optimizes the workflow of their company while producing high-quality results.

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