Virtual immigration assistant

Back in 2019, we embarked on a great project (virtual immigration assistant platform) that was promising to help a lot of people make the process of immigration for work or educational purposes much easier. It has been running for a few years now, making the hazardous process of document preparation much easier for countless people.


User friendly product creation

Since the country this project is designed for has a high number of immigration programs, it can be quite challenging to study and understand the details of all of them and know exactly which ones you qualify for. For the respective embassy of the country, it’s virtually impossible to reply to all the incoming requests from the potential participants. The goal was to create a custom virtual assistant tool that could automatically analyze one’s chances to participate in any of the immigration programs and help the prospects focus on getting the needed credits for one program or another.

The goal was to create a product that’s easy to use and intuitively understandable for the users.
To get fresh data from the embassy, we had to establish a cross-team collaboration with its developers and connect to its official API. By building functional communication we were able to quickly adapt to the new data and restrictions.

  • To create a bidirectional connection between the prospect’s embassy account and our system to ensure applicants’ compliance with the current immigration programs requirements.
  • Make the product responsive and proactive: create an algorithm for smart notifications and timely professional recommendations on account improvement
  • Establish efficient communication with the product owner and adapt to changing requirements in a way that would ensure avoiding scope creep.
  • 2Years long
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    technologies used
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    on the team

We built a cross-functional team

Building the backend part of the project we used the current versions of PHP and Laravel. The data about the active immigration programs had to be directly pulled from the embassy. We also built a bidirectional connection to pull the existing users’ profiles from the embassy and push the newly created profiles from our application to the embassy API for evaluating against the current immigration programs. We have paid special attention to the data transfer security at this point, because here at ABNK we take personal data protection standards seriously.
An intuitive design of the platform was designed to make the process of dealing with tedious paperwork easy and seamless.

  • Implemented a system of automated credit score analysis and related notifications
  • Successfully integrated with the embassy API

We built a cross-functional team following a mix of agile methodologies and covering all aspects and steps of SDLC.

Key moments

  • Created a seamless agile process inside the team
  • Daily stand-ups, grooming sessions, retrospective meetings
  • Focus on quality: peer code review, constant involvement of architect and QA
  • Regular check-ins with the product owner

Useful Web solution

The solution built by ABNK has given thousands of people a better chance at successfully moving to another country for work and studying following the existing immigration programs of the country. It’s made the process of building one’s credit and improving the right skills much easier and one’s efforts more targeted. The product has now been live for X and has been very successful. ABNK has participated in all stages of development, creating the whole system from scratch. Together with our client, we’ve turned it from a mere idea into a fully functional product. Now the web solution created by ABNK provides an exceptional user experience and great value to its users.

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